Catherine has received requests to create bespoke pieces of artwork for special birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations, as well as one request to embellish the cover of a special gift album.  Catherine was also delighted to be approached to illustrate a few children’s stories.

To enquire about purchasing originals, prints and merchandise or to commission a new artwork please contact Catherine directly.

Since childhood Catherine has been found observing, sketching, painting, paper folding and generally creating.   It is just part of who she is.

Catherine approaches her work in a very intuitive way, with an almost playful experimentation and openness to the unexpected which often leads to some innovative and beautifully quirky results.

Images from left to right: ‘You Are Beautiful’, ‘Flying Free’, ‘Leap of Faith’ & ‘Dare to Dream’. All images shown copyright © Catherine E. Holbrook (2014 – 2018)

“We can be so busy that we miss out on the awe and wonder with which we experienced the world as children.  Often my artwork is an attempt both in process and finished product to tap into the simplicity & joyful vibrance of childhood.  It’s a celebration of the awe inspiring wonder of life!”.

Catherine’s enthusiasm and the simple joy of creating just bubbles out of her as she talks about her work and ideas. When asked what her favourite medium is she is hard pushed to choose:

“I love the boldness of acrylics, and the textures you can create when you use them really thickly.  Oh, and there’s something very special and intimate about the delicacy of watercolours.  The subtle shading you can achieve with a humble pencil is just beautiful and the clean precision of an ink line drawing can be immensely satisfying.  I’ve always had a bit of a thing about different papers , and corrugated cardboard actually makes me go weak at the knees!”

Often combining different mediums and bringing together unexpected and unusual materials Catherine’s artwork offers us a fresh perspective. It invites us into new ways of seeing, experiencing and interacting not only with the finished artwork but also with the subject that inspired her in the first place.

Having seen her so animated when talking about her work it surprises me just how quiet she is while she is working.  There is a stillness in the room, a sense of quiet; a joy-filled peace that is almost tangible.


Perhaps then it should be no great surprise to discover that Catherine has a strong interest in spirituality and wellbeing.  For her, the visual arts are a form of creative contemplation of the Divine, whatever that means to you personally.

If this is something that speaks to you then why not join Catherine on a journey of creative contemplation of the Christian scriptures over at An Artist’s Response…

To enquire about purchasing originals, prints and merchandise or to commission a new work of art please contact Catherine directly.

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