Piano Music

A gifted pianist and composer of music for solo piano Catherine regularly writes and releases her own pieces under the title barefoot piano prayers.  Her music is now available on CD, for digital download, and as sheet music.

“When Catherine plays she creates an intimate ambiance… It makes the listener feel privileged to immerse in her music”.  –  Kaitlin Sobieski

Catherine’s music reflects her love of melodic line and interest in exploring and combining medieval, folk and C20 tonal systems. Her pared back organic style shows clear minimalist influences and yet it retains a rich expansive and somehow, curiously intimate feel that is uniquely her own.

Barefoot Originals

This 14 track limited edition album features the original acoustic recordings of the first ever collection of barefoot piano prayers as written & performed by Catherine E. Holbrook.

Each track was recorded at the time of writing and has been digitally remastered to bring you the best possible sound quality.

£15 (+p&p)

“Breath-takingly beautiful.  Thank you”.  –  Claire


In the midst of this excitement a quietness began to spread amongst the guests as a new kind of music was experienced which commanded a gentle authority which was impossible to ignore.  It was strong but peaceful, creating a spiritual atmosphere which brought positive responses from both old and young, seasoned music lovers, teachers and those with little experience at all.

Her music was inspirational and simply beguiling which deserves a place amongst the greatest spiritual music we have been blessed with.

Rev’d Canon Robert Law

“Treasures of the deep”.  –  K. Johnson

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